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An extraordinary story of fan devotion

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Document of one place

The documentary tells an extraordinary story of fan‘s devotion and dedication. The desire to save the beloved stadium led football fans and city patriots to an unprecedented manifestation of civil activism in an effort to change things from the bottom. The result of their efforts was eventually very well received by the world and that was not all. The documentary captures the theme of fanship in a completely new social perspective and reveals the phenomenon of identifying a person with urban space in the city.

A year after its premiere, the documentary Stadium was able to fly around the world on its festival pilgrimage and surprise by the power of its message. We have thus witnessed how the authentic story of the struggle for a beloved stadium becomes an object of admiration and inspiration for football fans and ordinary viewers on various corners of the planet. At the same time, the reactions of viewers have revealed to us how irresponsible treatment with the identity of a place is a universal problem, regardless of cultural or social differences.

The time-lapse documentary film, which was made over three years, was innovatively funded through Bitcoin.

The Stadium

Documentary movie / 2018 / 72 minutes / Czech republic
Bitcoin production & 2018
Original Czech dialogues with English subtitles.
Director: Tomáš Hlaváček, Producer: Lukáš Svoboda


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